Getting acquainted with the new software.
Photo: A Rathore, ICRISAT

Technology-aided field design to enhance efficacy of experiments

To improve the efficacy of experiments, various aspects of efficient experimental field design, analysis and data management with the aid of modern statistical software was the focus of a five-day training course that was specially designed for National Agricultural Research System (NARS) partners in Nigeria. Topics covered included generation and analysis of replicated and non-replicated trials, data cleaning, curation, single site and genotype-environment interaction (GxE) analysis and interpretation. Participants were trained to use GenStat 17th edition and introduced to Breeding…

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Participants at the IBP workshop Photo ICRISAT

Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP) workshop for NARS partners

A demonstration and awareness workshop on Breeding Management System (BMS) of Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP) for Grain Legumes was organized for National Agriculture Research System (NARS) partners. BMS is a suite of interconnected software specifically designed to help breeders manage their research activities through all phases of their breeding program. BMS allows to search the germplasm and available studies in the database, visualize their pedigrees graphically, access historical performance and create custom germplasm lists for breeding programs. BMS also supports…

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Participants being trained in use of electronic data capture
methodologies using hand held devices. Photo: ICRISAT

Advanced experimental designs, data analysis and management for breeding trials

Continuing its efforts to build the capacity of its partner institutions, ICRISAT organized a six-day training course on “Advanced Experimental Designs, Data Analysis and Management for Breeding Trials.” The training focused on the use of advanced statistical analysis methods, bioinformatics and data management software to improve quality of research and reporting. It provided the participants an understanding on several aspects of efficient experimental designing including generation and analysis of replicated, partial replicated and nonreplicated trials, mixed models, data cleaning, curation,…

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Grain Legumes

Grain Legumes is a partnership among four CGIAR Research Institutes: ICRISAT as lead center, CIAT, ICARDA and IITA, along with several public and private institutes and organizations, governments, and farmers worldwide.

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Grain Legumes