Participants during the farmers’ field visit appreciating groundnut variety Samnut24. Photo: A Diama, ICRISAT

Nigerian farmers beat high temperatures with dry-season groundnut varieties

Farmers in northern Nigeria are switching over to groundnut production in the hottest months of the year. From an initial six farmers cultivating the improved groundnut variety in the 2012 dry season, today there are over 5000 farmers in northern Nigeria involved in groundnut production. Unlike vegetables and fruits grown in the dry season, the groundnut produced during this period coincides with a peak in demand for groundnut seeds, so seed growers can tap a ready market. In addition, the…

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The Jipe Moyo farmer group believes improved groundnut variety Pendo sends more children to school, Kinaga, Kahama district.

Small farmers don’t give up on Pendo groundnut in Tanzania

Blog by Emmanuel Monyo. This blog first appeared on ICRISAT’s Agri-buzz Annual groundnut production in Tanzania doubled from 340,770 tons in 2008 to 810,000 tons in 2012, and smallholder farmers as part of the Tropical Legumes II project largely contributed to this growth. Smallholder farmers hold the key to agriculture all over the world, and it is no different in Tanzania. Here, the Jipe Moyo group (which means ‘don’t give up’) formed in 2011 as a savings and loans group,…

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TLIII meeting

Tropical Legumes III annual meet focuses on firming up country work plans

At the first annual meet of the Tropical Legumes III (TL III) the various partners presented revised country work plans along the three broad areas of: gender, breeding and seed systems, and monitoring, learning and evaluation. Dr Jeff Ehlers, Senior Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, stressed, “We need to understand the current status, identify gaps and move forward more collectively in order to achieve TL III objectives.” “Focus on farmers, building capacities and honor the urgency should be…

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Participants at the field day. photo: C Ojiewo, ICRISAT

Ethiopian farmers try out new chickpea variety

At a field day organized at East Belessa, Gondar, to create awareness on Ejere, a chickpea variety that is new to the area, farmers expressed their interest to engage in seed production in the coming season after seeing its performance. The Habru variety, introduced earlier, had increased the productivity of chickpea in East Belessa District from an average of 0.6-0.7 t per ha (for the local variety) to 2.4 t per ha. To meet next year’s demand for seed, farmers…

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Country teams release draft work plans at project launch Tropical Legumes III workshop

Work plans that aligned with country strategies; involved women and youth; recognized emerging partnerships; and built on lessons and synergies from Tropical Legumes I and II projects were released by the respective country teams at a workshop to mark the launch of the Tropical Legumes III (TL III) project. Key project outcomes reflected in the work plans include: Enabling policies for adoption and impact – especially narrowing the gender yield gap in legume systems by 20%. Realizing productivity gains in…

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Grain Legumes

Grain Legumes is a partnership among four CGIAR Research Institutes: ICRISAT as lead center, CIAT, ICARDA and IITA, along with several public and private institutes and organizations, governments, and farmers worldwide.

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Grain Legumes