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By 2050, the world will need to feed two billion additional people. A challenge this serious requires the best and brightest minds in agricultural science to explore how to grow the food needed to meet this anticipated demand—in addition to the current need to improve food security in the developing world.

In an effort towards filling this gap, announced in 2014, the Legumes Scholarship Program specifically targets promising young scientists from developing countries committed to pursuing research careers involving legume crops. Graduates from the program will further strengthen the research capacity of institutions in their home countries committed to the growth and development of the legume sectors through scientific inquiry.

Legume Scholars Program is a partnership between the CGIAR Research Program on Grain Legumes and the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Collaborative Research on Grain Legumes (Legume Innovation Lab) and Peanut Productivity and Mycotoxin Control (Peanut & Mycotoxin Innovation Lab).

For more information about the Legume Scholars Award, contact the Legume Scholars Management Office at Michigan State University at legumescholar@anr.msu.edu.

Legume Scholars Award Recipients 2015
Grain Legumes

Grain Legumes is a partnership among four CGIAR Research Institutes: ICRISAT as lead center, CIAT, ICARDA and IITA, along with several public and private institutes and organizations, governments, and farmers worldwide.

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