Flagship Projects and Product Lines

During the Extension Phase, Grain Legumes was restructured to place the key outputs of the Program into the context of the R4D process leading to outcomes, rather than emphasizing the specific technical innovations. The realigned Program structure is represented below.

GL Structure


The new structure encompasses seven major Flagship Projects (FPs) that describe the processes and activities by which Grain Legumes develops technological interventions. The seven Product Lines (PLs) from Phase 1 remain intact and run through the FPs to provide the outcome focus in this process perspective.

 FP1_Managing Productivity  FP2_TraitDetermination  FP3_Trait Deployment  FP4 Combined icon  FP6_Partnerships  FP5_Knowledge Priority Setting  FP8_ToolsPlatforms
Flagship 1: Managing Productivity Flagship 2: Trait Determination Flagship 3: Trait Deployment Flagship 4: Seed Systems, Post-harvest Processing, Markets and Nutrition Flagship 5: Capacity Building and Partnerships Flagship 6: Knowledge, Impacts, Priorities, and Gender Organisation Flagship 7: Tools and Platforms for Genotyping and Bioinformatics

The Flagship Projects 1 to 5 identify the crop interactions with biotic and abiotic constraints (FP1), the trait discovery and deployment pipeline (FP2 and FP3), the seed systems required for their adoption, and markets that produce income (FP4), capacity (FP5) that act together with the assessment of impact, redefining priorities and assessing gender components of priorities and activities (CC1). A new cross-cutting area, CC2, intends to develop high-throughput genotyping and associated bioinformatics.

Product Lines (PL)

The on-farm impacts of Grain Legumes will be through eight Product Lines (PLs), grouped into four key priority areas.

Addressing abiotic stresses and climate change effects
Capturing unique legume ability to fix nitrogen
Managing key biotic stresses
Generating new opportunities to intensify cropping systems
Grain Legumes

Grain Legumes is a partnership among four CGIAR Research Institutes: ICRISAT as lead center, CIAT, ICARDA and IITA, along with several public and private institutes and organizations, governments, and farmers worldwide.

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Grain Legumes