Drs L Boshou (left) and F Waliyar (Right) with Mr C Zhongming at the meeting. Photo: ICRISAT

Drs L Boshou (left) and F Waliyar (Right) with Mr C Zhongming
at the meeting. Photo: ICRISAT

Dr Liao Boshou, Deputy Director and Professor of the Oil Crops Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (OCRI-CAAS) visited the ICRISAT office in Bamako, Mali on 8-14 January.

During his visit, Dr Boshou presented a seminar on “Groundnut Improvement and Industry Development in China” attended by ICRISAT scientists and partners from the Institut d’Economie Rurale (IER). In his presentation, he discussed how China has made significant progress in groundnut research from 1983 to 2012, with research priorities on germplasm, genomics/molecular markers development, utilization of wild species, breeding, mechanization, and food safety.

Dr Boshou, a groundnut breeder himself, has been instrumental in many collaborative works by OCRI and ICRISAT. “The cooperation between the institutes has been very fruitful and impactful. OCRI has benefited a lot from technologies related to aflatoxin management,” he said. Both institutes are currently exploring ways for more intensified cooperation.

After the seminar, Dr Farid Waliyar, ICRISAT Regional Director, West and Central Africa with Dr Boshou met with Mr Cao Zhongming, Ambassador of China in Mali to discuss opportunities for partnerships and bilateral funding.

At the meeting, the Ambassador briefed the delegates of a project to build a center for agricultural research and technology demonstration in Mali which will be used to conduct experiments and technical training. The center will be on a 20-ha land in the Koulikoro region, 40 kilometers from Bamako, and will focus on the development of the production of rice, maize and horticultural products.