The CGIAR Research Program on Grain Legumes (Grain Legumes) is inviting proposals for the CGIAR-U.S. University Linkages Program. The grant will support collaborative research between U.S. universities (or USDA) and Grain Legumes. This grant is part of the larger CGIAR-US University Linkage program supported by the USAID.

The total grant amount available with Grain Legumes for 2015-16 is limited. This call is intended for (i) continuation of the ongoing collaborations that needs support for completion and (ii) support new collaborative proposals.

Existing grantees who require support for continuing the ongoing collaborations should provide (i) description of the ongoing project, (ii) current status and outputs to date, (iii) justification of the need for continued support. This should be submitted to Ms Nagalakshmi at by 20 March 2016

All new proposals should be submitted through the Center Focal Points only. The budget request for the new proposals should be USD 25,000 and above. Center focal points will collate the requests and submit the proposals to Ms Nagalakshmi at by 20 March 2016.

All applications should be in the prescribed format. (Download the template here)

We already have received few applications, and this announcement intends to provide an opportunity for others to submit their proposal before 20 March 2016.

Selection Process: The Research Management Committee of Grain Legumes will select the final proposals for funding.