Most people in Gujarat prefer vegetarian diets. Their protein
requirement is derived from pulses, vegetables, and various
milk products. However, tuar dal (pigeonpea) is, by far, the most
popular and cheap source of protein in their diets. The state
produces 2.4 lakh tonnes of pigeonpea annually, but this quantity
is insufficient to meet the ever increasing domestic needs. Since
the scope of increasing pigeonpea area in the state is limited,
the emphasis is now centered on increasing its productivity. In
this context, the recently developed CMS-based hybrid
pigeonpea technology has shown a promise and hybrids such
as ICPH 4506, ICPH 4503, ICPH 4502 and ICPH 4429 have
demonstrated >50% yield advantage over the popular cultivars.
The commercial hybrid seed production technology was
successfully tested for over two years and, on average, yield of
about 1000 kg/ha has been recorded. This paper summarizes
the successful joint efforts made byICRISAT and Biogene
Agritech, Ahmedabad (a private seed company) in developing
and testing the first ever white-seeded high-yielding, and wilt
and sterility mosaic disease resistant pigeonpea hybrid for
Source: Pigeonpea OAR